If you are a member of the user services requiring urgent assistance, please try each of the contact names below in the order they are shown, until you receive a reply.

Phil Webber G8KLC (Group Controller, Mid-Hertfordshire RAYNET)
Tel. 01582 841643 Mob. 07967 593922

David Kennett G7CMB (Deputy Group Controller, Mid-Hertfordshire RAYNET)
Tel. 01707 272177 Mob. 07973 540219

Trevor Groves G4KUJ (County Controller, Hertfordshire RAYNET)
Tel. 01923 243650 Mob. 07850 878757

For general enquiries about Mid-Hertfordshire RAYNET, please contact the group controller/chairman, Phil Webber.

For comments about, or corrections to information on, this website please contact the webmaster: